Which level should I enrol my child in for school holidays?

We recently changed the names of our school holiday riding groups to make it easier for you to self-assess your children’s horse riding abilities.

NEW beginner:  This replaces our ‘absolute beginner’ category! A NEW beginner can be someone with no previous horse riding experience. However, NEW beginners can also include children who have some experience and who may have attended GP previously. This level is suitable for riders with under 50 hours of riding experience who do not ride with us regularly.

GP Beginners: The GP Beginners program is designed for riders that ride every week (not exclusive to Gooromon Park), and is equivalent to our Beginner 1 or Beginner 2 level. GP beginners can independently walk, rising trot, and sitting trot and may have started cantering in a group environment.

GP Intermediate:  GP Intermediate riders are riding weekly at an intermediate level. GP intermediate riders should have more than 100 hours of riding experience. They need to feel confident walking, trotting, cantering and jumping up to 50cm confidently, on different horses in the arena or paddock, and in a group environment. Some intermediate riders may have their horse who can attend our holiday program.

Don’t worry though – day 1 of our program is designed to assess skills and set the children up for an enjoyable and achievable week ahead, so if children display different skill levels they will likely be moved to a more suitable group.

School holiday time is all about fun, forming friendships with like-minded riders and having the pressures of busy term schedules lifted.  We engage the children in multiple different riding activities, that could include, flat work, games, vaulting, paddock rides and sharing ponies.

Important notice – return to business Canberra lockdown







By Wednesday or Thursday this week Andrew Barr has annouced he would like to have clarity from the NSW government about how they will deal with ACT residents travelling into the bubble exemption postcodes.  From the 15th October, consideration may be given to exanding the current standing exemptions to allow ACT residents to enter the NSW border postcodes.  Our hope is that this expansion includes outdoor recreation activities, at which point we will be open for business wih an aim to commencing term 4 on 18th October.

We know that weekly lessons at Gooromon Park are a highlight for our clients, we are hoping to recommence as soon as we are legally able to resume.

We are opening the Term 4 diary basing our bookings on the assumption that all group riders who rode with us in Term 3 will reurn to their standing bookings for Term 4 – if this is not te case please contact us preferably before Monday 18th October.

Below is some important information, including new safety and hygiene measures that will be in place for Term 4 riders:

Drop-off and Pick-Up:  Upon arrival at the property, parents were possible should remain in their vehicle to drop children at the front stairs –  one out of the vechicle the hand sanitiser station should be used and QR code scanned.  Please be vigiliant with these requirements.

Mask wearing:  All people over the age of 12 must wear a face masks, once mounted the mask can be removed and placed in the riders pocket.  This may change on the 29th October.

Vaccination:   As a business located in NSW, we are required to ensure all people over the age of 16 who visit our premises are fully vaccinated.  A person who is over 16 years of age who is not fully vaccinated should not be on the premises. Any person who is under 16 years old and is not fully vaccinated is only on the premises if they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated member of their household or they are on the premises for work. These rules apply to staff at your premises as well as customers.

Social distancing:  We are required to limit the contact between staff and clients as much as possible, and ask that everyone be vigilant in avoiding touching each other’s hands/bodies as much as possible. Our instructors will aim to help clients mount without any actual physical contact, as per usual, and will when possible maintain a minimum of 1.5 metres distance from clients (providing this doesn’t interfere with the safety of people and horses). This may be difficult when mounting and dismounting beginners, as safety will be our first priority in all instances.

There is to be no congregating in groups indoors or outside, and all parents, riders attending must maintain 1.5 metres between one another.

Hygiene measures:  We are providing a number of handwashing stations at Gooromon Park and are asking all parents, children and riders to adhere to strict handwashing protocol, especially prior to touching tack/boots and helmets.  Our staff always follow strict hygiene procedures, and this will continue to occur.

All common areas are being disinfected regularly throughout the day. We would like to limit the use of cash and conduct card payments only, and ideally contactless over the phone.

Shared equipment: We always recommend that riders invest in good quality equipment, for their own safety and for hygiene purposes. This includes helmets, gloves, crops and boots. Some of our private lessons we utilise headsets – please bring your own headphones, our headsets have a standard headphone port.

Given the current situation, in terms of shared equipment such as neck straps, and tack, GP helmets and boots it’s really important riders ensure their hands have been washed before and after riding, to keep these items as sanitary as possible. Group lessons will finish 10 minutes earlier to allow for group riders to sanitise the equipment for the next rider.

Indoor spaces:  All indoor spaces have a maximum limit capcity, this is outline on the door of each space. Please adhere to these numbers.

If you are unwell: If you, your children, or any member of your family is unwell, we ask you to please avoid coming for your lesson. The usual policy of  make-up lessons will be offered in the case of cancellation. Our staff will also be remaining at home if they are unwell, and together we can all try our best to limit the spread of any viral illnesses. Also, if you have recently travelled we ask that you refrain from attending GP.

We would like to keep our business up and running and to ensure that our beautiful horses can keep bringing joy to you and your children.  We ask you all to strictly adhere to these rules.  Gooromon Park is a private property, no one likes being the rules policeman these new safety and hygiene measures are to protect our valued riders.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a chat.

Restrictions easing in the Yass Valley council midnight 10th September

It certainly has been a challenging time.  Made more complicated by being situated in an ACT border bubble postcode.  We are trying our best to navigate our way through the lockdown requirements for both NSW and ACT to ensure people’s health and safety are the highest priority.

You may have read or heard the NSW government announced that from midnight tonight, parts of regional NSW are easing restrictions; this includes the Yass Valley council; you may have thought that we would be doing little cartwheels and happy dances.  Instead, we have been left confused and scratching our heads.  The predicament, of course, is that while we may be open for business, we know that many of you, in fact, 94% of our client base, live in Canberra and are still affected by the ACT health stay-at-home lockdown requirements.

We’ve spent the day seeking further clarification from ACT health, the NSW Covid business line, our Yass Valley council, and the Chief Ministers office.

The best advice we can give to you all, at this stage, is that as part of the ACT regional border bubble postcode, we’ve been advised that we should remain closed until we hear the next announcements due 17th September.

At this stage, many of you should have received via email your term three bonus lesson vouchers; we continue to contact beginner 1 – 5 and private lesson riders.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Please stay connected on our socials. We await further communication to advise what offer we can make to you all for the school holiday period.  It’s likely that if we can offer places that they will be limited in numbers and that unfortunately, due to the rapidly changing announcements, we will most likely be given a very short lead time to advise you all. People currently registered through our online form will be given first preference.

If you would like to register your interest, please use the online booking form,  non-refundable deposits will only be processed once we can offer your child a place.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued understanding and support.

Stay safe – Canberra lock-down extended

As you are aware the ACT Government announced a snap 7-day emergency lockdown, on the 12 August, which has now been extended to 2nd September.

At this stage we are hoping to reopen with COVID safety practices in place on 3 September.

We understand it’s a stressful time for many, with children at home, routines changed and many uncertainties. As a business we are managing a way forward with an aim to keep you all updated. Our biggest assets are of course our staff and horses, please be assured we are all well and continue to look after our wonderful horses.

We’ve been humbled by offers from clients to forgo their missed lessons, acknowledging that closing has been beyond our control. We will be following the same format as last year sending bonus lesson vouchers. Beginner 1 to 5 and private lesson riders we will be contacting you directly.

Thank you so much to everyone that have asked how they can continue to support us as a small business!

Here’s how you can stay connected:

FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA: We aim to keep you updated through our Facebook and Instagram pages; we will keep everyone connected to our herd, through some behind the scenes videos and fun pony profiles.

CONNECT WITH OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL: We are busy working on some new educational content – Check out our previous posts and the link in our bio to learn more.

Our popular training tops are back in stock! We still have gorgeous shirts, caps and socks that you can grab and wear with pride – it’ll definitely put a smile on our faces knowing you’re repping #TeamGP, even if it’s only in your own home for now.

Please stay connected online with us and keep an eye out for more announcements. We hope to see you all shortly – we know the ponies will be missing everyone, so we’ll try and keep you all updated with their antics.

Stay well.

Canberra COVID 7 day lockdown

Gooromon Park Riding School CLOSED from 4.00pm 12th August.

As you may be aware the ACT Government has announced a snap 7 day emergency lockdown commencing 5.00pm tonight.

During this time Canberrans, are being asked to only leave their homes for essential reasons – essential employment, healthcare (including a COVID-19 vaccination), essential groceries and supplies and up to one hour of outdoor exercise. Importantly to remain within your local community areas.

At this stage, we determine that the next 7 day of lessons will NOT go ahead.

We are asking you all to be patient to allow us time to determine how this affects our large #TeamGP range of clients; from horse owners to regular weekly riders.

We are saddened, however this decision is completely out of our control, we look forward to seeing you all soon.

Stay safe.

12th August 2021

COVID-19; Greater Western Sydney cluster our response

Gooromon Park Riding School is located in Regional NSW, therefore we are once again in the midst of an emerging COVID-19 response.

At present we are very much looking forward to greeting our school holiday participants tomorrow morning, with all school holiday programs proceeding as normal. 🙌

All Regional NSW recommendations will be strictly adhered to. Specifically, at present, a face covering can be REMOVED under the following conditions:
– Participating in sport; and
– Working in child or after school care holiday programs.

At drop off, we ask that parents remain in vehicles. Children will be greeted by a staff member at the front stairs.

We will continue to follow social distancing recommendations and request that clients continue to use the Check In NSW App upon arriving at our facilities.

We will continue with the hygiene measures for tack and shared equipment. Our priority is making sure everyone stays safe while having fun with our beautiful ponies!

A friendly reminder to stay at home if you meet any of the isolation requirements or are feeling unwell.

Thank you for your continued support to help us keep all in our community safe. We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

27 June 2021


Dilutes Australia May Competition

Another beautiful Autumn Sunday in Canberra saw a number of the #TeamGP crew head out to the ACT Dilutes Show, much excitement surrounded this event, its always fun to get dressed up and try new show jackets or put on fancy browbands.
The morning temperature was much more accommodating to the early start with a balmy 2 degrees by 7:30am. There was a real buzz to the event with team members racing from class to class returning with ribbons and rosettes.
Some of our junior riders participated in the beginner ring and what a wonderful place to start. An enclosed environment helped assure the participants and really allowed them to start gaining confidence. Before long lots of smiles and laughter was seen and heard amongst the group.
Congratulations to all our Gooromon Park riders;
Sarah Thomson ventured out with beautiful Squire for the second weekend in a row, they really started building confidence and rode beautifully to place highly in all their classes including bringing home the following broad sashes Champion Ridden Coloured Breed, Reserve Champion Hack and Rider in the beginner ring.
Rebakah took her little man Stolly and had a wonderful day really excelling and mastering his sometimes-independent thinking. Great job Rebekah!
Annabelle and Nicholas were fortunate enough to take GP Bundy, they did a great job at their first show in the beginner’s ring, with Nicholas winning his rider class amongst a large field.
Amanda took the lovely Furstine and Brierley Selby to experience something a little different than the Dressage. The day brought about some lovely highlights including winning the Supreme Champion Ridden Large Breed and Champion Led Hack.
It’s always lovely to see the GP extended family out and about and it was no exception this weekend, seeing Rachel with FurstinElle and Isobel with Law looking stunning!
This time it was also great to see Anastasia Lewis and Cohen Parry amongst it all, who are some of our regular weekly riding school students. Well done to Anastasia who cleaned up in the beginner ring bringing home Champion Tiny Tot rider and Cohen winning his open boy’s rider class, to name only a few of their accolades.
Huge thank you to the Dilutes Australia – NSW & ACT Branch for running such a fun event, we are so lucky in Canberra to be working through the pandemic in a way that enables us all to continue to participate in events that nourish our horsey souls.
Well done to all involved. We think the photos tell the story thank you to Govern Equine Images.

ACT May Dressage Competition

Some of our dedicated dressage riders headed out to the ACT dressage competition over the weekend.
It was a frosty minus 5 degree start to the day making a beautiful setting for some outstanding photography by Greg Nelson, by mid morning the fog had lifted and delivered us a spectacular Canberra Autumn day.
Congratulations to all our Gooromon Park riders;
Audrey rode Barringa Alexander taking home the blue ribbons in the pony division for the Novice 2C and Elementary 3A classes, well done Audrey this duo is showing great form lately unbeaten this year in the Elementary pony division.
Emily rode Constantia MardiGras did a wonderful job winning the young rider Elementary 3A, these two have been working hard and keep making great improvements.
Rebecca rode Coldstream Donatello and achieved all her goals finishing both classes in the placings.
Sarah rode JC Esquire confidently in both preliminary classes achieving their goals of feeling confident while riding away from GP and did very well to place in both classes.
Zoe rode the white unicorn Fairbanks Ringo in her first official classes for a 4th place an outstanding effort in a strong class behind some outstanding professional riders.
Harriet rode the golden child Mika in her first Advanced start for the win in the pony division a strong first performance at this level, is just the start.
Rachel and Isobel joined us riding their beautiful horses Furstin Elle and Double TT Law N Order, both stepping up a level to compete in the Novice classes and showing strong performances, while both took away learnings they also got to take home lovely ribbons as well.
Danielle and Amanda also rode James, Fleur and Selby; winning and placing in strong classes, most importantly all the horses moved up the levels and completed some solid tests.
The Canberra dressage community is a small friendly vibrant group and the day was full of wonderful positive energy it was lovely to have so much wonderful feedback from fellow competitors. Sometimes it only takes a positive comment to really lift someone’s spirit. It was particularly nice to see some of our past GP riders riding beautifully putting their best hooves forward.
Well done to all the riders who did a wonderful job.

Riding during COVID-19 – April 2021


Term 2 riding commenced on Monday 19th April 2021.

As COVID safe restrictions have eased over the last few months we must still remain diligent with our compliance especially as we head through autumn into the coming winter months.

Hygiene measures: We ask that all riders and parents attending still utilise the hand sanitiser station.

Checking-in: We once again ask that all riders and parents attending check in on the NSW government app. Having a smart phone that can read QR codes can be a convenient check-in option.

NEW online disclaimer: We are requesting everyone riding with us this term to complete the new online disclaimer, this will ensure all contact information is up to date. In the event you are required to be contacted this will ensure minimum delays. The new form can be located at the following link: https://gooromonpark.com.au/gooromon-park-disclaimer-form/

Illness: If you, your children, or any member of your family is unwell, we ask you to please avoid coming for your lesson. The usual policy of make-up lessons will be offered in the case of cancellation. Our staff will also be remaining at home if they are unwell, and together we can all try our best to limit the spread of any viral illnesses.

We would like to ensure that our beautiful horses can keep bringing joy to you and your children. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a chat.

Phone: (02) 6230 2230 or email info@gooromonpark.com.au

Happy Riding.