Which level should I enrol my child in for school holidays?

We recently changed the names of our school holiday riding groups to make it easier for you to self-assess your children’s horse riding abilities.

NEW beginner:  This replaces our ‘absolute beginner’ category! A NEW beginner can be someone with no previous horse riding experience. However, NEW beginners can also include children who have some experience and who may have attended GP previously. This level is suitable for riders with under 50 hours of riding experience who do not ride with us regularly.

GP Beginners: The GP Beginners program is designed for riders that ride every week (not exclusive to Gooromon Park), and is equivalent to our Beginner 1 or Beginner 2 level. GP beginners can independently walk, rising trot, and sitting trot and may have started cantering in a group environment.

GP Intermediate:  GP Intermediate riders are riding weekly at an intermediate level. GP intermediate riders should have more than 100 hours of riding experience. They need to feel confident walking, trotting, cantering and jumping up to 50cm confidently, on different horses in the arena or paddock, and in a group environment. Some intermediate riders may have their horse who can attend our holiday program.

Don’t worry though – day 1 of our program is designed to assess skills and set the children up for an enjoyable and achievable week ahead, so if children display different skill levels they will likely be moved to a more suitable group.

School holiday time is all about fun, forming friendships with like-minded riders and having the pressures of busy term schedules lifted.  We engage the children in multiple different riding activities, that could include, flat work, games, vaulting, paddock rides and sharing ponies.