ACT May Dressage Competition

Some of our dedicated dressage riders headed out to the ACT dressage competition over the weekend.
It was a frosty minus 5 degree start to the day making a beautiful setting for some outstanding photography by Greg Nelson, by mid morning the fog had lifted and delivered us a spectacular Canberra Autumn day.
Congratulations to all our Gooromon Park riders;
Audrey rode Barringa Alexander taking home the blue ribbons in the pony division for the Novice 2C and Elementary 3A classes, well done Audrey this duo is showing great form lately unbeaten this year in the Elementary pony division.
Emily rode Constantia MardiGras did a wonderful job winning the young rider Elementary 3A, these two have been working hard and keep making great improvements.
Rebecca rode Coldstream Donatello and achieved all her goals finishing both classes in the placings.
Sarah rode JC Esquire confidently in both preliminary classes achieving their goals of feeling confident while riding away from GP and did very well to place in both classes.
Zoe rode the white unicorn Fairbanks Ringo in her first official classes for a 4th place an outstanding effort in a strong class behind some outstanding professional riders.
Harriet rode the golden child Mika in her first Advanced start for the win in the pony division a strong first performance at this level, is just the start.
Rachel and Isobel joined us riding their beautiful horses Furstin Elle and Double TT Law N Order, both stepping up a level to compete in the Novice classes and showing strong performances, while both took away learnings they also got to take home lovely ribbons as well.
Danielle and Amanda also rode James, Fleur and Selby; winning and placing in strong classes, most importantly all the horses moved up the levels and completed some solid tests.
The Canberra dressage community is a small friendly vibrant group and the day was full of wonderful positive energy it was lovely to have so much wonderful feedback from fellow competitors. Sometimes it only takes a positive comment to really lift someone’s spirit. It was particularly nice to see some of our past GP riders riding beautifully putting their best hooves forward.
Well done to all the riders who did a wonderful job.