Important notice – return to business Canberra lockdown







By Wednesday or Thursday this week Andrew Barr has annouced he would like to have clarity from the NSW government about how they will deal with ACT residents travelling into the bubble exemption postcodes.  From the 15th October, consideration may be given to exanding the current standing exemptions to allow ACT residents to enter the NSW border postcodes.  Our hope is that this expansion includes outdoor recreation activities, at which point we will be open for business wih an aim to commencing term 4 on 18th October.

We know that weekly lessons at Gooromon Park are a highlight for our clients, we are hoping to recommence as soon as we are legally able to resume.

We are opening the Term 4 diary basing our bookings on the assumption that all group riders who rode with us in Term 3 will reurn to their standing bookings for Term 4 – if this is not te case please contact us preferably before Monday 18th October.

Below is some important information, including new safety and hygiene measures that will be in place for Term 4 riders:

Drop-off and Pick-Up:  Upon arrival at the property, parents were possible should remain in their vehicle to drop children at the front stairs –  one out of the vechicle the hand sanitiser station should be used and QR code scanned.  Please be vigiliant with these requirements.

Mask wearing:  All people over the age of 12 must wear a face masks, once mounted the mask can be removed and placed in the riders pocket.  This may change on the 29th October.

Vaccination:   As a business located in NSW, we are required to ensure all people over the age of 16 who visit our premises are fully vaccinated.  A person who is over 16 years of age who is not fully vaccinated should not be on the premises. Any person who is under 16 years old and is not fully vaccinated is only on the premises if they are accompanied by a fully vaccinated member of their household or they are on the premises for work. These rules apply to staff at your premises as well as customers.

Social distancing:  We are required to limit the contact between staff and clients as much as possible, and ask that everyone be vigilant in avoiding touching each other’s hands/bodies as much as possible. Our instructors will aim to help clients mount without any actual physical contact, as per usual, and will when possible maintain a minimum of 1.5 metres distance from clients (providing this doesn’t interfere with the safety of people and horses). This may be difficult when mounting and dismounting beginners, as safety will be our first priority in all instances.

There is to be no congregating in groups indoors or outside, and all parents, riders attending must maintain 1.5 metres between one another.

Hygiene measures:  We are providing a number of handwashing stations at Gooromon Park and are asking all parents, children and riders to adhere to strict handwashing protocol, especially prior to touching tack/boots and helmets.  Our staff always follow strict hygiene procedures, and this will continue to occur.

All common areas are being disinfected regularly throughout the day. We would like to limit the use of cash and conduct card payments only, and ideally contactless over the phone.

Shared equipment: We always recommend that riders invest in good quality equipment, for their own safety and for hygiene purposes. This includes helmets, gloves, crops and boots. Some of our private lessons we utilise headsets – please bring your own headphones, our headsets have a standard headphone port.

Given the current situation, in terms of shared equipment such as neck straps, and tack, GP helmets and boots it’s really important riders ensure their hands have been washed before and after riding, to keep these items as sanitary as possible. Group lessons will finish 10 minutes earlier to allow for group riders to sanitise the equipment for the next rider.

Indoor spaces:  All indoor spaces have a maximum limit capcity, this is outline on the door of each space. Please adhere to these numbers.

If you are unwell: If you, your children, or any member of your family is unwell, we ask you to please avoid coming for your lesson. The usual policy of  make-up lessons will be offered in the case of cancellation. Our staff will also be remaining at home if they are unwell, and together we can all try our best to limit the spread of any viral illnesses. Also, if you have recently travelled we ask that you refrain from attending GP.

We would like to keep our business up and running and to ensure that our beautiful horses can keep bringing joy to you and your children.  We ask you all to strictly adhere to these rules.  Gooromon Park is a private property, no one likes being the rules policeman these new safety and hygiene measures are to protect our valued riders.

If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to give us a call for a chat.