School Holiday Programs

Learn to horse ride in Canberra, Gooromon Park offers a range of School Holiday programs for the complete beginner to the regular rider. Children can really get “down and dirty” caring completely for their horse from organising the feeds, bring the horse from the paddock, grooming, saddling, riding twice daily and finishing their week with a fun gymkhana and a party where each child is awarded a certificate of attendance.

We offer:

Four (4) day programs for Beginners with some riding lessons experience, Intermediate and Advanced riders on our horses or you can bring your own horse. Classes are organised to suit the level of the participants. Each day consists of two riding sessions and two theory sessions to suit the participants level of knowledge. Beginners will have heaps of horsey fun and establish their riding, while the Intermediates will be challenged with jumping and riding out and the Advanced riders will improve their dressage and show jumping skills or even participate in some eventing in the paddocks

During the afternoon of the third day children will participate in a grooming competition - so bring your fancy dress ideas for the horses and have some fun. This is a great opportunity for the children to unwind in a relaxed environment with their new found horsey friends. The week culminates in a fun gymkhana or games afternoon and party where each child is awarded a certificate of attendance.

One (1) day programs: One day beginner day is ideally designed for 6-10 year old children with NO horse riding experience and starts with a talk about horse safety followed by a familiarising grooming session with the horses, this helps newcomers to relax into the environment and helps them better understand their horsey friend.

First the children will learn to mount and hold their reins on our very reliable 'Tinnie' (a padded barrel about the height of the average pony).

The children have three on horse riding sessions throughout the day, the first lesson being Vaulting, which gives the children an amazing amount of confidence. The second learning to rise to the trot on the lunge, both these introductory experiences are shared with other participants (1 horse to 6 children) the coach has control of the horse at all times, this allows the child to focus on the new experience, their balance and having fun.  Lastly we try to get all participants, depending on confidence, onto their own horse learning more about steering in 'games style' activity on horse back they play in smaller teams of participants (1 horse to 3-5 children) to help and support one another. All riders receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the day.

This is a great introduction to horses and a FUN day.

If you would like to book your child a spot, please ensure you contact reception on 6230 2230 before you send the School holiday program form to us.

If you have questions about which program would suit your children please feel free to email us. 


School Holiday Program Fees:

4 day programs - $585 per child

1 day programs - $175 per child

Please note - prices through our online booking incorporate a 3% bank fee.

A disclaimer form must be completed.  To secure your child's spot the one day program fee must be paid at the time of booking and a non-refundable deposit of $100 must be paid at the time of booking a four day program spot. Please call reception on 6230 2230 to book a spot for your child.

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