Restrictions easing in the Yass Valley council midnight 10th September

It certainly has been a challenging time.  Made more complicated by being situated in an ACT border bubble postcode.  We are trying our best to navigate our way through the lockdown requirements for both NSW and ACT to ensure people’s health and safety are the highest priority.

You may have read or heard the NSW government announced that from midnight tonight, parts of regional NSW are easing restrictions; this includes the Yass Valley council; you may have thought that we would be doing little cartwheels and happy dances.  Instead, we have been left confused and scratching our heads.  The predicament, of course, is that while we may be open for business, we know that many of you, in fact, 94% of our client base, live in Canberra and are still affected by the ACT health stay-at-home lockdown requirements.

We’ve spent the day seeking further clarification from ACT health, the NSW Covid business line, our Yass Valley council, and the Chief Ministers office.

The best advice we can give to you all, at this stage, is that as part of the ACT regional border bubble postcode, we’ve been advised that we should remain closed until we hear the next announcements due 17th September.

At this stage, many of you should have received via email your term three bonus lesson vouchers; we continue to contact beginner 1 – 5 and private lesson riders.

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Please stay connected on our socials. We await further communication to advise what offer we can make to you all for the school holiday period.  It’s likely that if we can offer places that they will be limited in numbers and that unfortunately, due to the rapidly changing announcements, we will most likely be given a very short lead time to advise you all. People currently registered through our online form will be given first preference.

If you would like to register your interest, please use the online booking form,  non-refundable deposits will only be processed once we can offer your child a place.

Thank you, everyone, for your continued understanding and support.