Beginner Lessons

At Gooromon Park we specialise in teaching the beginner rider aged from 6 – 60 years.

We believe that riding skills are best taught initially in a one-on-one situation to allow the instructor to address the individual’s needs and concerns, our students gain confidence and learn at their own pace, making learning a new skill a fun experience.

Once the instructor feels the student is confident and has developed the basic skills, they are ready to continue development in a small group of up to six (6) like aged and like skilled riders.

Students then progress through Gooromon Park’s graded group syllabus learning many new riding skills including Dressage, Jumping, Games, Eventing and Trail riding.

Adult Beginners follow a similar course that is designed especially to meet the needs of a new adult rider.


Monday 4pm - 8pm,

Tuesday 4pm - 8pm,

Wednesday 4pm - 8pm,

Thursday 4pm - 8pm,

Saturday 9am -4pm