Birthday Parties


Horse Riding Birthday Parties

Make your child’s dream come true with a horse riding birthday party at Gooromon Park! Held every Saturday, your child can celebrate their birthday with you and a few of their closest friends.

Book a Horse Riding Party at Gooromon Park

While you may not be able to buy your child a horse for real, there’s no reason they can’t experience what it’s like to ride one. Horsey Parties are great fun and a delightful way to introduce children to horses. Plus, they allow Mum and Dad to sit and enjoy the fresh air for a change!

Bookings are essential, though, so we recommend planning your child’s horse riding birthday party sooner rather than later. To secure your child’s special birthday surprise, please contact reception at (02) 6230 2230 or email

Horsey Parties are great fun and a delightful way to introduce children to horses.











What Your Horse Riding Birthday Party Schedule Looks Like

Parties commence at approximately 11:00am, 1.30pm or 3.30pm.

    • Arrival

Party participants should arrive 15 minutes before the party commences. We’ll fit the kids with helmets and boots provided by Gooromon Park during this time.

The fit of helmets and boots is important and are essential items of safety equipment that must be worn to participate. Please let your children know that the helmets must fit firmly. Don’t worry, though, because our instructors will correctly fit the boots and helmets for the children.

    • Safety Procedures

Our Instructors will teach the children how to behave around the horses. Then the fun begins! Children are introduced to the horses and divided into smaller groups. One will participate in grooming, and the other will start learning to vault. Then, the groups will swap.

Vaulting is GREAT FUN; imagine riding a horse like a circus performer. The horse has a special vaulting roller which provides handles for the children to hold onto while the Instructor controls the horse.

Depending on your booking, the horse riding portion will finish at 12:00, 2.30 or 4.30pm with a 30-minute period to enjoy cake in the party room. Children will then return to the office to remove safety equipment.

Your Horse Riding Birthday Party Information Package

So, we’re having a party. YAY! You can head to our forms page to download the birthday party information package and Gooromon Park birthday invitations.

The birthday party information package provides parents with the following information:

Disclaimer Form:

It is of the utmost importance that Gooromon Park Instructors understand the children in their care. This form is an insurance requirement and MUST be completed before each child rides.

  • Parents or Guardians must complete this form.
  • You will need to fill out a separate form for EACH child giving all relevant information, especially medical conditions.
  • The form must be returned to Gooromon Park on the day of the party before the children can participate in the party.

Birthday Invitations:

Gooromon Park horse riding birthday party invitations are double-sided and may be printed in colour or black and white. If choosing colour, children have their choice of green or purple invitations. If you choose to use your own invitations, we recommend you supply extra information detailing what to wear and where to find us.












Our Pricing

Each party must consist of a minimum of six children.</strong

  • Parties of six — $414
  • Additional child — $69 
  • To secure your booking, we ask you pay a $100 up-front non-refundable deposit