Competition Top Tips – Dressage

Chief Instructor Danielle Ffrench has been competing for over 30 years. Here she has shared her top five tips to help you prepare for competition. 

1. Have all the variables you can control, under control – be prepared!

2. Know your test! Don’t rely on a caller, you should know your test. When you hear a caller, your focus is shifting and you can’t prepare for the movement or figure with 100 percent attention to detail.

3. Put yourself and your horse in a bubble – Enter A – bang – deliver on point.

4. Ride it like you stole it – I mean don’t race around like you’re being chased, but it’s a show of you and your horse’s abilities so show them off. Put your best hoof forward.

5. Leave the test in the arena – be proud no matter what!! Be prepared to let even your defeats teach you.