Meet our #TeamGP Rider: Fay Prowse

At Gooromon Park, our Riders become part of the #TeamGP family.  All our Riders are on a different equestrian journey, but they all have one thing in common they’re passionate about horses, and we absolutely love supporting their riding journey.

We are excited to be introducing you to some of our #TeamGP riders through our blog – today, meet Adult Rider, and hidden obsession with binge watching South-Korean Dramas Fay Prowse!

Tell us a bit about yourself – how would you describe yourself to someone you have just met?

My name is Fay Prowse, I am married and I have two beautiful daughters Emily and Sophie. I came to Canberra over 20 years ago for study, where I later met my husband Sanjay, and we settled down to start a family.  I have worked in the ACT Public Service for the last 15 years as an Executive Assistant to various senior ranking public servants and my hobbies are of course horse riding, and what could be considered an unhealthy obsession for binge watching South‑Korean Drama series.

When did you start horse riding, and what made you want to give it a try?

My eldest daughter expressed an interest in learning how to ride at the age of 6. Hence I enrolled her in lessons at Gooromon. After seeing the enjoyment on her face, and witnessing the excitement she felt I decided to give it a go myself. Five years on, riding remains an important part of my weekend routine, and each week I look forward to what new goal our instructor has planned for my group.


What has been a highlight of learning to ride with the instructors at Gooromon Park?

A highlight for me has been seeing my daughter develop her own riding ability through the commitment and teaching skill of the instructors at Gooromon. Witnessing the growth in her personal maturity and confidence to a level where she felt comfortable competing this year, was as parent, very gratifying to see.  For me the feeling is more general, turning into the Gooromon gate each Saturday is an escape from the daily grind. Its hard to imagine that such a peaceful and picturesque environment is so accessible being only a few minutes from town.  And although working in the horse industry can see staff come and go Gooromon have always maintained a professional, knowledgeable, committed and friendly team of instructors that ensure each one of their client’s reach the personal goals that they strive to achieve in their riding career.

What’s one thing you learn at Gooromon that you didn’t know before?

That learning to ride is a personal journey, that there are so many potential paths you can take be it riding for pleasure or training with a view to competing.  Up until this year riding for me has been a way to share something with my daughter, a form of exercise, and an avenue to build a wider social network. Although, this year I have found myself wanting to achieve more than just staying on. And our groups’ riding instructor has come up with the goods and begun challenging us all to take our riding to the next level. We have all enjoyed the last few weeks introduction to half-halts and getting the horse on the bit, which has seen our group growing in confidence and ability and building a solid foundation for our riding step by step.

What are your riding goals for the year, or something new you’d love to learn?

After five years I have decided to give competing a go and will compete at the Spring competition in September.

Who is your favourite riding school horse/pony?

Ariel, she’ll avoid it if she can, but if you ask her with confidence she willingly complies and she is safety personified.

What would you say to someone thinking of trying equestrian for the first time?

Give it a go, once you are on you will know whether its for you or not, and if the answer is yes you will never look back.  But I can’t promise that forevermore your credit card won’t tremble in fear from the depths of your handbag as a result of your new addiction! Reach in and offer it a calming pat and reassure it that it’s a necessary expense.