Why Horse Riding and Yoga?


Body and Muscle awareness, Breathing, Core Strength, Flexibility and Mental Focus sound familiar?  Here at #GooromonPark we’ve been talking about some of the key ingredients to becoming a better rider.  So Why Horse Riding and Yoga?

Yoga is one of the absolute best ways for riders to become more supple out of the saddle in a way that will directly translate to actual riding. Yoga builds strength, endurance, and flexibility – plus, it reduces stress, and helps you improve your mental focus.  All key ingredients to improving your riding.

Yoga promotes the same core position as riding. Practising yoga strengthens the muscles that elongate the spine and allow us to stand straight. The core muscles are constantly at work when the body is seeking balance and are vital for balance while riding.

We’ve teamed up with dance and certified yoga instructor, Joanne Kavouras, for a weekly class, you don’t need any flash gym gear and you can even join us in your jodhpurs!  Joanne will be focusing on yoga moves that will help you look and feel better in the saddle. She will be bringing together her experience creating flow sequences with yogic breathing to develop a better riders seat, stronger core, upper body, posture and simple things you can do to help stretch, strengthen and even manage stress.

If you can’t join us on Monday’s, you could check out this article 3 Ways Yoga Can Help Your Dressage it even include a Routine to try at home.  One of my favourite Yoga and Horse riding articles written by Jaclyn Sicoli is a USDF bronze and silver medalist and a USDF “L” Education Program graduate with distinction, was featured in Dressage Today her passion for combining the two disciplines speaks volumes.