2019 Young Championships Wrap-up

Young Championships was yet again an amazing event. A record number of 300 riders, with over 1000 tests ridden I would say this event should be titled NSW Regional Championships.

All the hard work for our team really paid off and everyone did amazingly well!

🤩 Mohamad and Harry competed together for the first time, winning both the YR Prep A and 1A! We also saw them come home with the award for the highest percentage of a YDA member on Friday with an outstanding 76%, receiving the largest rosette any of us had ever seen for highest percentage!

Ceri and Occhie also excelled, placing 2nd in the YR 1A with a score of 75%!! They also placed 7th in the YR 2A, their first novice test together. More impressive was their 7th place in the Official Novice class on the Sunday!

Maddie and Snoopy worked extremely well together! It was great seeing them achieve some very competent scores across the weekend even though they have only been working together for a short period of time!

Audrey and little Candy showed bucket loads of improvement over the weekend scoring 66% in their YR 1A! Katherine and Starry performed extremely well coming 2nd in one of her official prelim tests with 73%!! The duo also continued to gain experience in the Novice division placing 8th great achievement for only very early days at this level!

Harriet had a great event, she took out the titles of Breed Limited Champion with a score of 71.618% in the 2B, CU Novice Pony Champion and placed 4th in one of her Official Novice tests with 70%!!

A huge thank you to team coordinator / helper extraordinaire

Caitlyn Adcock and also Maddy who travelled over to show her support to Team GP we were all very happy to have them there. 🤩

The weekend was full of laughs, plenty of concentrated effort and huge achievements we are so proud of our riders, there riding and there attitudes to learning and constant improvement.