Competition Top Tips – Jumping

Jump Club coach Katy Doak has created your five essential tips to help you ride your best show jump round.

1. Use your eyes! You must look where you want to go, always be looking for your next jump on landing.

2. Ride forward and straight! Your job is to get your horse to the jump on the best line at the best pace possible.  This will help your horse gain confidence from you and ensure the best possible outcome.

3. Be adjustable – When you’re warming up make sure your pace is adjustable, so your horse is completely responsive to your aids – lots of forward and back transitions!

4. Do over do it – Don’t over work your horse in the warm up, its better to save them for the competition arena. Plan your warm up and try to stick to it.

5. Know the course and make a plan – once you’ve walked the course, make a plan in your head for how you’re going to ride it. Only ride into an arena that you know you can ride in essence you’ve trained this height.