Meet the #TeamGP Development Team – Audrey Brooke

Meet the #TeamGP Development Team

This week we are proud to profile the promising duo that is Audrey Brooke and her beautiful Candy.

Hi, my name is Audrey. I’m 12 years old and Candy (my horse) and I have been in the Gooromon Park Development Team since early 2018. 

I started riding when I was 6 and went on my first (of many) Gooromon Park school holiday riding program. From there I began structured lessons in the riding program at Gooromon Park, increasing my level and riding intensity until two and a half years ago I started riding Candy and fell in love.

I really love riding Candy— she’s a pretty and clever little Australian Riding Pony with a sparkly personality. Her Daddy was the amazing I was overjoyed when we bought her in the middle of 2018 and I began riding her exclusively.  It’s been a big growth year for the two of us. We’ve gone from lots of little “moments” in the test arena to placing second in one of our tests at the ACT Dressage Association Canberra Classic. Recently achieving some personal best results at the Young Regional Dressage Championships.

I love being in the Gooromon Park development team. It provides lots of opportunities to learn and extend myself. It also has fun and supportive teammates and we learn a lot from each other. We have two amazing coaches, Danielle and Mandy. They’ve given us their all this year and taken us such a long way from when we started.

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt this year is that hard work and resilience will get you results. Next year I want to do more competitions and work my way up to novice tests.

Audrey Brooke

Coaches Report Card:

Audrey trains weekly with Danielle Ffrench our Chief Instructor, so we asked Danielle to give us a brief snapshot of her.  ‘In the past months Audrey and Candy have taken leaps and bounds forward,  Audrey has developed exceptional tenacity for a young rider.  Lately everything has fallen beautifully into place, I am very proud of Audrey’s achievements and importantly the determination she is showing progressing her partnership with Candy. She is still on a wonderful journey with plenty of achievements to come.  Candy is full of cheekiness and sass and is a very determined little pony, she brings out the best in Audrey making her sometimes dig deep to achieve big.  The future is looking bright.

Danielle Ffrench 

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