Meet #TeamGP : Margaret Palazzo

At Gooromon Park, we love our team of instructors and stablehands. Every member of #TeamGP is passionate about equestrian, is highly skilled, and absolutely loves supporting you on your riding journey.

We’ll be introducing you to the team through our blog – today, meet Margaret Pallazzo!

CE618404When did you first start Horse Riding?

When I was seven. My parents gave me ONE term of riding lessons for Christmas (Ha!)

What’s one thing you love about working at Gooromon Park?

Hanging out with horses (and horse people) all day.

Who is your favourite GP horse/pony?


What music gets you motivated for the day?

My alarm clock.

What do you feel is your best attribute that you bring to #TeamGP?

I’ll keep working until the job is done.

 What is something special about you most people don’t know?

I’ve got dual citizenship and two passports, so I guess that doubles my chance of riding at an Olympics.

What is one of your fondest horse riding memories?

Jumping 1m on Amira at the Christmas Show eleven years ago. Or finishing my first 2* event at the start of this year.

What’s one thing you’d like to achieve in your riding or coaching in the next year?

Completing my Level 1 coaching certificate. And riding at the Adelaide CCI 2* in November.

 What’s one tip or insight you’ve learnt on your horsey journey that you’d like to share?

When in doubt, use more leg!

List three great qualities you admire in a GREAT coach?

Being able to communicate clearly, understand the rider, and keep things simple but effective.