Meet #TeamGP : Kylie Makkink

22627691_10155884488804189_5114880_nAt Gooromon Park, we love our team of instructors and stablehands. Every member of #TeamGP is passionate about equestrian, is highly skilled, and absolutely loves supporting you on your riding journey.

We’ll be introducing you to the team through our blog – today, meet Instructor, Kylie Makkink!

When did you first start horse riding?

I started riding in 1985 in a dressage arena, which makes me very old – LOL, or young at heart.  Thank you Suzy Jarrett of Sunflower Stud in Berrilee, Caroline, Heath Harris, Victoria Ferguson, Pippin (thelwell style pony), Alphabet (skewbald) and Jacques (35yo and half blind).

What’s one thing you love about working at Gooromon Park?

Only ONE??? Who wrote this?

The property – have you seen the views?

The team including horses (of course).

Excellent management – never understaffed.

The commitment to excellence and ongoing support and training, the investment in their people. I believe in karma! And sincerely feel the values are shared.

The community.

Our clients, their commitment, riding in the rain, brave faces and coming back after the occasional spill.

Working outdoors.

Flexing my muscles on shovelling manure (seriously, I enjoy manual labour).

Willing to invest in equipment and each horse have their own gear.

I love how the ponies are cared for and their work hours are logged.

Who is your favourite GP horse/pony?

Again, you are making this tough…that’s like a favourite fur baby or friend question. They are all gorgeous for different reasons.

I can’t answer that.

What music gets you motivated for the day?

I didn’t know I had time to listen to music in the morning.

What do you feel is your best attribute that you bring to #TeamGP?

 Always willing to contribute.

What is something special about you most people don’t know?

I started saving or selling things to save eg. insurance, lemons from the garden, washing anything, then selling pizzas, K-Mart and more insurance in 1985 to pay for my riding lessons, then I saved for a horse. I bought my first horse with my own cash in 1989, mum helped with the saddle. I stayed up til the early hours of the morning writing my budget and working out how I could maintain a horse, pouring over product catalogues and costings.  Her name was Danish Gem ie. Gemma – a foul tempered, rearing, biting and kicking registered 14.3hh quarter/stock horse.

What is one of your fondest horse riding memories?

Taking Gemma down Calabash Bay Road, Arcadia NSW, on the dirt, in the rain, by ourselves at gallop. Riding so fast tears rolled down face and stung my skin and breathing into her ear, “faster Gemma, faster”.

What’s one thing you’d like to achieve in your riding or coaching in the next year?

Next level of coaching qualification.

What’s one tip or insight you’ve learnt on your horsey journey that you’d like to share?

Never give up.

 List three great qualities you admire in a GREAT coach?