Meet the #TeamGP Development Team

In January 2018,  Gooromon Park introduced the #TeamGP development team to help our young riders develop their skills and gain the experience needed to attend equestrian competitions and offers guidance on competition days.

Over the past year, the team and I have developed a team ethos. We discussed our personal goals – that while we support our team members, that horse riding is also a partnership between horse and rider and that our own personal goals and journeys are vital to making us happy, productive members of the team.  Our ethos centres around the importance of being in a constant state of improvement and together we developed a code of conduct which sees us treat everyone with respect and courtesy.

Our mantra being  ‘We will aim for the stars, continually try to improve ourselves, while keeping our feet planted on the ground.’

To say I am proud of this team and the development and improvements they have made in such a short time is a huge understatement. They have shown dedication, resilience, shone with the stars, overcome hurdles and disappointments and each member has achieved personal goals and successes through hard work.  It is only the start – we are only one year in with plenty to still come.

It seems timely after the hugely successful year that we have had as a team that I introduce the team members:

  • Audrey Brooke – Candy
  • Ceridwen Fennemore – Occhie
  • Harriet Hughes – Mika
  • Maddie Baldwin – Snoopy
  • Katherine Stewardson – Starry
  • Maddie Bowman-Smith – Dana (back from injury)

As a team our riders have continually supported one another, they have formed lovely friendships and achieved great success in the competition arenas.

I am extremely proud to welcome two new riders to the development team, already our and about with us both boys, both have beautiful grey ponies.

  • Oliver Thomas-Mitchel – Ringo
  • Mohammad Awad – Harry

Stay tuned for big things from the team in 2019.

Danielle Ffrench – Chief Instructor