Important notice regarding COVID-19 – Return to Riding – 1 June 2020.

The sounds of the clip clop of our horses’ hooves last night was delightful. Things are still not back to normal, so we ask everyone to be patient with our gradual return to business as usual.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions having eased further, we’re excited to be able to welcome our Beginner 1 and absolute beginners riders back to GP!

Starting Monday 1 June, we will have a similar schedule of lessons.

A few things to consider:

  • Lesson intensity will build as many of our horses have had reduced work over the lockdown period, and in order to rebuild their fitness it is important in the first few weeks that we don’t overwhelm them.
  • While the joy to get back to riding can be overwhelming, social distancing in these early days is now more important than ever – we ask all parents and visitors to remain vigilant and understand that official social distancing restrictions still apply. Our preference is for parents to remain in the car to drop off and pick up, payment can be made over the phone by credit card and other booking matters can be discussed with our receptionist over the phone as well. In order to adhere to the limited people gathering rule this request MUST be adhered to.
  • Upon arrival, if you leave your vehicle everyone MUST wash their hands at the hand washing station situated at the top of the stairs, coughs and sneezes must be covered with elbows. There can be no handshaking, hugging, etc.
  • At the end of every riding session, riders must use the disinfectant on all their equipment. We strongly encourage you to buy your own helmet, gloves, boots and whip to better protect your hygiene and that of others, Horseland Canberra will happily assist, under these current conditions we cannot lend them to riders.

Once again I sincerely thank everyone for their efforts over the past weeks and thank everyone for their understanding. It is great to have riders back, our ponies have missed you all. However, to build out of these unprecedented times we must manage this transition carefully.

See you all again soon.