COVID-19 what you need to know this School Holidays

We are very pleased to have reopened it certainly has been delightful to hear the sounds of the clip clop of our horses’ hooves over the past weeks of Term.

Our aim during this time has been to be highly transparent to bring you all some sense of assurance and now that we have reopened, it’s now important for us to stay open and stay COVID safe.  The health and wellbeing of the our community is of utmost importance.

Drop-off and Pick-Up:

Upon arrival at the property, which should be no earlier than 8:45am.  Parents should remain in their vehicle to drop children at the front stairs – they will be greeted by a staff member, wearing gloves and a mask (please don’t be alarmed), they will then be guided to a hand sanitiser station and then divided into groups they will remain there until their coach picks them up.

End of day pick-up, will be managed similarly to morning drop-off, Children will start assembling at the stairs at 4:00pm awaiting collection.

Social distancing and hygiene:

Riders that choose to participate this holidays will have strict hygiene requirements and will be required to disinfect equipment at the end of each session.

Less contact still means less opportunity for transmission, and the last thing any of us wants is infection to spread in Canberra.

Everyone must wash their hands regularly and thoroughly, and cover coughs and sneezes with their elbows.  There can be no handshaking, hugging, jostling, wrestling, contact games, or sharing of food and drink.  We also strongly encourage everyone to obtain a flu vaccination, and to install the COVIDSafe App.

Borrowing equipment:

We strongly encourage our established beginner 1 riders to buy their own helmet, gloves, boots and whip/crop to better protect your hygiene and that of others, Horseland Canberra will happily assist.

Equipment can be borrowed from GP, however it will be allocated to a single person and be disinfected at the end of each day or week as appropriate.

If you are unwell:

If you, your children, or any member of your family is unwell, we ask you to please avoid coming. Our staff will also be remaining at home if they are unwell, and together we can all try our best to limit the spread of any viral illnesses. Also, if you have recently travelled we ask that you refrain from attending GP.

Once again I sincerely thank everyone for their efforts over the past weeks and thank everyone for their understanding. It is great to have riders back, our ponies have missed you all. However, to build out of these unprecedented times we must manage this transition carefully.

Thank you,

Gooromon Park Management