Meet our #TeamGP Rider: Alix Dossetor


At Gooromon Park, our Riders become part of the #TeamGP family.  All our Riders are on a different equestrian journey, but they all have one thing in common they’re passionate about horses, and we absolutely love supporting their riding journey.

We are excited to be introducing you to some of our #TeamGP riders through our blog – today, meet Adult Rider, Alix Dossetor.  Alix grew up watching ‘The Saddle Club’ and dreamed of taking lessons, after two kids she’s now following her dreams and making her horse riding time her me time! 

Tell us a bit about yourself – how would you describe yourself to someone you have just met?

Hi! I’m Alix. I’m a married Mum of two beautiful children. I was born in Canberra and have lived here my whole life. As much as people like to joke about Canberra, it’s actually a really wonderful place to live! I am a handwoven textile artist. I love having my own business; it gives me the flexibility to be a stay at home Mum, while also giving me a creative outlet.

When did you start horse riding, and what made you want to give it a try?

I started riding in Jan 2017. I have always been pretty horse crazy! I grew up watching The Saddle Club and dreaming of taking lessons and one day having my own horse. After growing up, getting married and having two kids, I finally decided it was time to do something for myself that I always wanted to do. It’s my me time!

What has been a highlight of learning to ride with the instructors at Gooromon Park?

I really love the atmosphere at Gooromon Park; I always feel welcome and love that all of the instructors and staff know my name. Even on days that I feel like I don’t have the best ride, I can laugh with my instructors and they give me the confidence and advice to do the best I can the next time I ride.

What’s one thing you learnt at Gooromon that you didn’t know before?

Falling is not the worst thing in the world! Of course you should try to stay ON the horse, but I’ve learnt that every fall doesn’t need to be a scary, terrible thing. If you can; dust yourself off, have a laugh, get back on and keep going.

What are your riding goals for the year, or something new you’d love to learn?

My ultimate riding goal is to become competent and confident enough to take on a lease horse. My short term goals are to maybe complete a dressage test and to become better at jumping. I love jumping, it makes me feel like a kid again!

Who is your favourite riding school horse/pony?

Oh my goodness! How do you choose a favourite?! I really have a soft spot for Doc. He is sweet, gentle and so willing. I also feel like he really looks after the people who ride him.

What would you say to someone thinking of trying equestrian for the first time?

Just give it a go! My all time favourite quote is “Comparison is the thief of joy”. Everyone is on their own riding journey. Set yourself some goals and focus on yourself and your ambitions. Try not to compare yourself to others who are on their own journey, and of course, have fun and do your best each and every time you ride!