Meet #TeamGP : Kayla Smith

At Gooromon Park, we love our team of instructors and stablehands. Every member of #TeamGP is passionate about equestrian, is highly skilled, and absolutely loves supporting you on your riding journey.

We’ll be introducing you to the team through our blog – first up, meet Kayla Smith!

Kayla Photo2When did you first start horse riding?

I started when I was quite young, probably around 5 or 6. I was first sat on a horse at 7 months old thanks to my mum, who had horses all her life and has passed her passion on to me!

What’s one thing you love about working at Gooromon Park?

The environment/atmosphere. The clients are wonderful, the staff are all fantastic, and I love coming into work  to see what each day holds for me.

Who is your favourite GP horse/pony?

My absolute favourite has to be Doc. I’ve been part of the coaches lessons, and have been riding Doc. I’ve improved my riding so much thanks to him!

What music gets you motivated for the day?

Anything that is loud and fun to sing along to!

What do you feel is your best attribute that you bring to #TeamGP?

My can-do attitude. If there’s something that needs to be done, you can always rely on the fact that I’m on to it.

What is something special about you most people don’t know?

Not really all that special, but everyone knows me with my curly hair. In actual fact, my natural hair is dead straight. I’ve been getting it permed/curled since I was in year 10.

What is one of your fondest horse riding memories?

Those early morning trail rides, where it’s just me and my horse, watching the sun rise and relaxing. Those are my favourite rides.

What’s one thing you’d like to achieve in your riding or coaching in the next year?

To be more confident, and not second guess myself all the time.

Kayla Photo1What’s one tip or insight you’ve learnt on your horsey journey that you’d like to share?

When riding a horse, you not only have to be the boss, but you have to work as a team.

List three great qualities you admire in a GREAT coach?

Honesty, a sense of humour, and confidence.

Do you know how horse riding can benefit your child?

Every parent knows that there may come a time when your child develops a love – maybe even an obsession! – for horses. As former horsey-kids ourselves, Gooromon Park’s instructors know first hand that a love of horses is for life.

What parents may not know, however, is that horse riding can have many benefits to their child’s growth, emotional intelligence, compassion and concentration. We’ve put together some of the key benefits horse riding can have, so you can see just how much your child can get out of this exciting sport!

Horse riding is…

Wholesome FUN!
Horses make wonderful buddies, and children are naturally attracted to them as companions, friends and partners in the sport. Isn’t it great to see your child having an amazing time without a TV screen or iPad involved? Riding is great for your child’s physical health, and is a fantastic way to get them outdoors and learning something new.

Character BUILDING!
Handling, riding and caring for horses can develop a host of positive traits in children, including responsibility, accountability, patience, level-headedness, empathy, kindness, confidence and self-discipline.

Full of health BENEFITS!
Horse riding is terrific exercise.  People who think the horse does all the work have never really ridden – just ask anyone who wakes up the morning after a trail ride to discover all of the little muscles in their core and legs they didn’t know about! Riding is an anaerobic exercise, and can improve your child’s strength, balance, and flexibility.

And all of these benefits are nothing compared to the sheer joy that so many children get out of riding.

‘Over the years, I have seen so many children benefit from the relationships they have established with horses in their riding,’ says Danielle Ffrench, Gooromon Park Chief Instructor. ‘The sense of pride the kids feel when they achieve something with their horses enhances their confidence, and gives them reasons to stay on course’.  I’ve seen first hand a child’s focus improve through riding – you can’t let your mind wander when you’re on a horse! Parents have been very proud to report how this concentration later shows up in their children’s school work.’

OKAY, but aren’t horses EXPENSIVE?  
They don’t have to be. You don’t need to own a horse to involve your children with one. Riding regularly at a horse riding school, under the instruction of qualified coaches is a great way to enjoy the benefits of riding without having to take on the costs and full-time care of a horse. Our staff know first hand how wonderful riding has been for them – they love horses, and can’t wait to share their knowledge!

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